Cookcell Warranty Terms and Conditions

Cookcell cookwares are covered under 12 months warranty from date of purchase within Australia.

This warranty is only against any material or manufacturing defects.

if such defects are found, the user must contact Uncle Buffalo at to lodge warranty claim.

Once the products has been received and the defects are confirmed, a new product or equivalent will be sent in exchange.

Under this terms and condition of warranty, Uncle Buffalo has no further obligations other than replace a faulty product.

Uncle Buffalo shall not be obliged to replace any product which is not accompanied by a proof of purchase.

This warranty does not cover problems due to improper use, failure to follow the instruction for care and use, or a result of an unauthorised modification on products.

This warranty also does not cover normal product wear and tear , the following cases are not covered as well:
1)Over heating, prolonged exposure to the heat from cooktops, heating when cookware is empty or boiled dry.
2)Any accident caused by fire, flood, etc.
3)Damage due to product is knocked or dropped.
4)Stains, discolouration or scratches on the inside and outside.
5)Damage from thermal shocks including over heating, putting cookware in the water before cooling it down, etc.
6)Damage , discolouration or dullness due to aggressive or abrasive detergents.