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Deep fry foods without oil or less oil, and bake in a shorter time. It is also the only air fryer on the Australian market that uses a stainless steel inner container.

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By using infrared from 180c up to 230c around foods like chips, chicken, fish or pastries, Smart Fryer able to brown them off nicely with up to 95 per cent less fat!

  • Infrared quick-cook technology 
  • 360-degree heating sphere
  • 360-degree rolling function
  • Large capacity - Up to 1.8 kg chicken
  • Advanced heat penetration - ideal for thick meat such as roasted pork
  • Stainless steel insert and spare parts - avoid unhealthy material in high heat
  • All cooking tools are dishwasher safe  

Other features

  • LED Control Panel
  • Heat Emission Hole
  • Lid Handle
  • Lid Release
  • Housing
  • Transparent Cover

Comes with 8 cooking tools, including tongs, baking cage, chicken fork, baking pan, low/high rack, holder, steak cage and skewer rack (refer to image above)
Function modes include speed cook, roast, fry, bake, pizza, steak and skewer.

Functions of Smart Air Fryer

  • Roast
  • Speed Cook
  • Fries
  • Bake
  • Pizza
  • Steak
  • Skewer


Stainless steel SUS 304
Voltage 220-240v
Power 1200-1400W
Frequency 50Hzz
Dimensions D W H: 40 x 35 x 31cm
Stainless steel insert dimensions Diameter outer / inner: 30 / 27cm, height 12cm  
Stainless steel insert capacity 10L


Warranty / Repair
All products come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. Our warranty does not cover mishandling by the user, e.g., accidental damage.

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