Attention mums, your rice cooker could be poisoning your kids!

Making sure what you and your family eat on a daily basis is healthy and nutritious is difficult. But while the big focus is on the actual food that you consume everyday, there might be something very important you could be overlooking. And that’s the equipment you use to cook your food!

This is especially true for your rice cooker - just think about how much you use your rice cooker everyday. you need to consider what it’s made out of because it could be potentially contaminating your food with metals or toxins.

But which types of material are dangerous? And which ones are able to guarantee healthy, toxin-free food? Let’s go ahead and find out!

The danger of chemical coated rice cooker inner pots

Most rice cooker inner pots will be made out of aluminium which has a chemical coating. While these are generally regarded as safe, there is actually quite a high chance that this coating can contaminate and poison your food.

The danger comes when chemical coatings reach a certain temperature, where they may break down releasing toxic chemicals and gases. This in turn, can contaminate the food that you are cooking.

Additionally, when chemically coated rice cooker inner pots are scratched, the aluminium can leak into food. When excessively consumed, aluminium might lead to higher chances of Alzheimer’s and cancer in individuals.

So what other options do you have?

The healthy benefits of stainless steel

When it comes to healthy cooking, stainless steel is the superior option. Stainless steel is one of the safest types of material to cook on. Because of it’s smooth, metallic surface, stainless steel is highly resistant to bacteria, reducing the chances of any food poisoning. It is also non-reactive to acidic foods, making it perfect for cooking anything with tomatoes, vinegar or citrus fruits. Stainless steel is also PTOE, PFOA and BPA-free. When you cook with stainless steel you are essentially guaranteeing that all your food will be free from toxins, contaminants and bacteria.

Eat healthier with a stainless steel rice cooker

Most families will use their rice cooker on a daily basis. This makes ensuring that your rice cooker is up to standard more important than ever. When considering which rice cookers will allow you to cook healthier food, stainless steel rice cookers stand above the rest.

For a powerful yet safe rice cooker, look no further than the Acook rice cooker. The Acook has a stainless steel pot which allows you to cook fluffy rice that is free from toxins and chemicals. Make the switch and start living a healthier lifestyle with the Acook Rice Cooker today!