One Pan, Two Uses
Say goodbye to cramped kitchens and all the dishes that come with them. The Double Pan is here to save you time and space
Cut Cooking Time to Half
With two different surfaces and two handles, it's designed to make your life easier. One side is perfect for vegetables or meat, while the other side is perfect for eggs, bacon, or pancakes. The non-stick coating means you can cook without too much effort - and cleanup is a breeze! You won't have to worry about scratching the surface with metal.
Double Your Cooking Space
Do you sometimes need to cook two dishes at the same time or opt for a large dish that needs more room? This double-sided pan is here for you. With two sides, it's easy to flip food from side to side, so you can be sure your dinner is cooked evenly on both sides.
Uncle Buffalo’s double pans offer all of the above benefits and more, making them a perfect choice for any cook. Plus they're made with high quality materials that will last through years worth of cooking! Order Now.
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