A rangehood has a canopy which houses a ventilation system that sucks up excess smoke and fumes that are created when you make food on your cooktop. The fan or blower motor transports the air pollution away from your kitchen, helping you keep it fresh and clean. Steam, grease and odours that would otherwise build up in the kitchen are kept to a minimum.

Without all the steam and smoke blowing in your face, cooking will also be much more comfortable and enjoyable. Instead of staying in the kitchen and clinging to your walls and cabinets, steam, smoke and grease is ducted outside. So not only is it easier to cook all the foods you want and become a pro home chef, but keeping everything clean is also made effortless!

And speaking of making your kitchen simple to clean and maintain, do you often get dirty hands from cooking? Our collection of rangehoods for sale also includes ones with smart no-touch gesture control to help keep your kitchen surfaces clean.

Forget about disassembly and reassembly to clean your rangehood exhaust fans, just one press and the rangehoods clean themselves! The extractors we stock also have a convenient self-cleaning function. They can go through a self-steam and rinsing cycle to get rid of any built-up grease, odours and germs.

But what about the noise the fans can make all the venting? Not to worry, we stock a selection of rangehoods that have advanced quiet extraction technology to keep fan noise low for more peaceful cooking.

We all know how important safety in the kitchen is. At Uncle Buffalo, we have rangehoods with features like built in LED lights and filterless extraction, keeping the kitchen safe easier than ever before! The lights help you to clearly see your food and the no filter designs reduce the risk of fires. Explore our wide selection of the best rangehoods and choose the right type for you!
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