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Unlike normal mugs and water bottles, vacuum mugs and flasks keep your drinks hot or cold for much longer. They have a sealed insulating inner tube that minimises hot and cold temperature loss. The empty tube has a vacuum with almost nothing in it, meaning the heat or coldness of beverages aren’t transferred out. Outside heat or cold also can’t make its way into the vacuum mug or flask.

Looking for a better coffee cup? Our stainless steel vacuum insulated mugs come with a convenient lid that doubles as a cup. Also known as insulated travel cups, their handy handles are also designed to let you drink your beverages one handed too! These keep cups are great for people on the go or for camping when you need maximum comfort, durability and versatility.

The special selection of stainless steel metal vacuum flasks we stock have excellent insulation and an ergonomic shape to make them easy to carry and travel with. Whether it be in the school backpack, camping bag, or everyday handbag, you can rest assured that our range of reusable thermal flasks are up to the task.

Keeping them clean is also simple. Our stainless steel travel mugs and flasks are made with food grade 304 stainless steel, making them easy to clean. Handwashing them only needs a brush and mild detergent. And better yet, the food grade steel won’t transfer any nasty chemicals into your hot or cold beverages, keeping them safe for drinking.

Here at Uncle Buffalo, we have Australia’s best vacuum insulated travel mugs and vacuum insulated flasks that are perfect for your coffee, tea and any other hot or cold beverages. Explore our range and find the one you’ve been looking for!
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