What do you do when you receive your FIRST HAPPYCALL Double Pan?

Before first use

  • Enjoy unboxing your first purchase! Make sure to REMOVE all packaging materials, labels, stickers and tags. 
  • Discard any protective plastic pieces before use. Failure to remove this might create a fire hazard.
  • Read all instructions, product manuals, and labels carefully.
  • Wash your double pan in mild detergent. Then rinse and pat dry thoroughly with a kitchen towel.

Detach the lid by opening it at a 45 degree angle

  • Do not forcefully detach or close the lid.
  • Avoid using force when the pan is not in the right position.

Check the silicon gasket

  • To ensure the silicon gasket is secured and properly installed, simply press on it while ensuring there are no gaps.

Maintaining the silicon gasket

  • Depending on how often you use the pan, It is recommended to change the silicon gasket every 1 to 2 years.
  • If smoke leaks from the rims of the pan, it’s an indication to replace it.
  • When changing the silicon gasket, you can cut off any excess silicon.

General cooking tips

  • Always preheat the pan, aiming between 1 to 2 minutes. This ensures that the pan is evenly heated for better cooking (or should I say, flipping) performance. 
  • Never start heating the pan at the maximum temperature. Doing so will only deteriorate the quality of the non-stick coating. Instead, heat the pan gradually to your desired temperature. 
  • For the best cooking results, cook on low to medium heat (you will thank me for that gorgeous sear on your steak!) 
  • Avoid overheating the pan as it will damage the cookware and the quality of the non-stick coating may begin to deteriorate.
  • Avoid leaving an empty pan on high heat.
  • Flip with care when handling foods with lots of oil/sauce. 
  • It is alright to choose not to flip the pan when cooking. (No Double Trouble with the Double Pan!)
  • Always clean the oil trap.