EDGE Silicone Head Stir-fried Spoon

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This is a cooking utensil that utilizes an edge with a silicone material added to the core of the cooking utensil to minimize pan and pan damage and make cooking easier.

  • Reduces Frying Pan Damage By Adding Silicone Head To The Soft Nylon Body
  • Cooking Is Easier And More Convenient With The Spoon’s Measuring Indicator And Various Hidden Functions
  • Flexible Silicone Head Neatly Keeps The Edges Clean By Not Leaving Any Material
  • Can Be Conveniently Hung And Stored In A Hanging Hole
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat Resistance Durability, safe use at high temperatures excellent heat resistance, and can be used at up to 200℃.
  • Delicate Design: Pots and pans can be placed over the edges to prevent entry.
  • Worry-Free Scratch: It can be used in a frying pan or pot without a scratch.
  • Storage Stand: Easy to store and organize.

Stir-fried Spoon x 1 Piece (34x7.2cm)

Material: Polystyrene, Polyamide, Silicone 

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