JOVANICE Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug 600ml - BLACK

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  • Premium high grade 304 stainless steel in both the inside and outside of the vacuum mug.

  • Excellent thermal/ cold insulation.

  • Temperature Preservation: 4 hours / 62°C ; 6 hours / 52°C

  • Temperature Preservation data according to 25 ± 2 degrees environment with 98 ± 2 degrees liquid without opening.

  • Food grade silicone seal

  • Ideal for office, school, travel or camping.

  • One of the largest Vacuum Mugs in the market.

100% Proud AUSTRALIAN Brand

Dimension: 13.2cm x 16.5cm (Colour Box) 8cm x 15cm (Mug)

Capacity: 600ml

Country Of Origin: China


Instruction For Use

  • Before use, rinse the lid and the interior of the Mug thoroughly with lukewarm water and neutral detergent. 
  • For maximum insulation efficiency, preheat or pre-chill product just prior to use. Fill with hot/cold tap water, attach the lid, let stand 5 to 10 minutes and empty. After filling, place the lid on the product to increase thermal efficiency.
  • Be careful not to scald yourself when the product contains hot beverages. Due to the high level of thermal efficiency, the exterior of the product will not be hot even if the product contains hot beverages. 
  • In order to ensure product performance and prolong product life, collision or strong impact should be avoided.


  • DO NOT microwave.
  • DO NOT overfill the product. Hot foods or liquids can scald users.
  • DO NOT place the product in the dishwasher to clean. The product is not dishwasher safe.
  • DO NOT use the product if the thermal insulation is lost. The outside of the product may become hot and cause scalds if it is filled with hot beverages. 
  • DO NOT allow infants or small children to use this product. Keep out of the reach of infants and small children. Mishandling may cause injury or scalding.

DO NOT fill the Mug with the following:

  • Dry ice and carbonated drinks: contents may spill out or the pressure may cause the lid to burst, causing injuries.
  • Dairy products: if left inside for a long period of time, contents may spoil.

Cleaning: Always Clean The Mug After Use

  • Wash with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid using a soft sponge. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Storing tea may stain the lid. Although the stain may not come out completely, it will not affect the performance or use of the product. 
  • Use a brush with a handle to clean the inside of the mug with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, rinse and dry. Always wash the inside thoroughly after each use to prevent odours from developing. 
  • Wipe off moisture thoroughly to prevent water stains or rusting of the product.
  • Do not use chlorine type bleach.
  • Do not use a dishwasher or dish-dryer. Do not boil to sanitize.
  • You may find rust spots or water stains caused by impurities in the water. To remove these stains, fill the Mug with hot water with 10% vinegar and let stand for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash with a soft sponge. 
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