The Best Fry Pans For Gas Stove

Fry pans are a common kitchen staple thanks to their versatility in cooking many types of foods across many different cuisines. And they also come in many different varieties, making them perfect for almost any situation? But how do you pick the right one for your gas stove? Read on because in this article, we give you all you need to know about how to pick the best fry pans for gas stoves. 

What is a Fry Pan?

best fry pans for gas stove

Fry pans are a versatile piece of equipment made for frying all kinds of foods

Frypans are a type of cookware that is a pan with a wide and flat bottom. This style of pan’s main purpose is for frying, searing and browning various foods. A distinctive feature of this type of pan is that they have low sloped sides and a long handle to allow for easy flipping and tossing of food. They’re a kitchen essential alongside pots and other pans thanks to their versatility and because of how common fried foods are in our everyday diets. 

Fry pans can also come in a variety of sizes, with the average fry pan ranging from 20 - 30cm. Their material can also vary, from oven safe cast iron and stainless steel to ones that feature non-stick coatings. This means they have the ability to cook many different types of food, and seve different purposes. It also means that using one whilst cooking on a gas stove can depend on your specific fry pan and it’s capabilities. 

What to Consider When Choosing Your Fry Pan


best fry pans for gas stove

Choosing the right material makes a big difference for how and what you want to cook

Fry pans are available in a range of materials. The most common being materials such as stainless steel and non stick coated. Non stick frypans feature a non stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easier, whereas stainless steel requires seasoning to become non stick. Cast iron is less common as a fry pan material due to it’s heavy weight and requirement for seasoning, but retains heat well and withstands high temperatures.

Non stick pans from quality cookware brands also feature the ability to be safely used as cookware for gas stoves. They also mainly consist of a specially treated or anodized aluminum body, since this material conducts heat very well, and comes with the benefit of being lightweight for comfortable cooking.

Non-stick Coating

best fry pans for gas stove

Modern technology has made non-stick coatings possible, giving us a easy and convenient cooking experience

Non-stick cookware is an amazing innovation to cookware. Manufacturers have used modern technology to make a cookware material that food does not stick to, without needing you to preseason your pan. There’s also different types of non-stick coatings, with the most common being Teflon. 

Teflon coatings are very slippery, and have amazing non-stick performance to prevent food from sticking to the pan. Ceramic coatings also have great non-stick performance, being made out of a ceramic material. Both are great choices for your kitchen, with lasting non-stick performance when cared for properly.

Here Are Our Recommended Fry Pans

Happycall Noire IH Titanium Plus Frypan

best fry pans for gas stove

Happycall is a famous brand from Korea. Founded in 1998, they have become known for their high quality non-stick pans and are now one of the most popular cookware brands in Korea. Their abilities in cookware have been well transferred into this Noire IH Titanium Plus Frypan. Featuring a unique magma textured non-stick coating, this frypan offers a non-stick cooking experience like never before.

By creating channels in the non-stick coating, air and liquid has the opportunity to trap itself between the pan and ingredients. This unique design turns the non stick performance up to 11. And the titanium used in the coating not only maximises non-stick abilities, but also maximises durability to make it one of the best fry pans for gas stoves. It’s also compatible with all types of stoves, including induction stoves to make your cooking experience as convenient as possible.

Roichen Ceramic IH Frypan

best fry pans for gas stove

Another one of the best fry pans for gas stoves from Korea is the Roichen Ceramic IH Frypan. Like the Happycall pan above, this frypan features a unique texture, which it calls “Airmaze”. This technology follows the same concept of creating space for air and liquids to trap themselves between the pan and ingredients. And with less surface area for food to stick to, this frypan gives amazing non-stick performance without sacrificing usable cooking area.

The main difference between this pan and the magma textured Happycall pan above is in the non-stick coating. This pan uses a ceramic coating that is less chemical that could be potentially harmful. Roichen also uses a special ceramic coating that makes it antibacterial, making it a great option for those of us that are health conscious. Caring for this ceramic-coated frypan is similar to a traditional non-stick coated pan, where metal utensils should not be used and the pan should not be put in the oven.

Yoshikawa Cook-Pal Ren Nitride Iron Frypan

best fry pans for gas stove

Yoshikawa, a legendary Japanese cookware brand, has become famous for their high quality traditional cookware. They’ve now developed a special frypan made of nitride iron (carbon steel), that is much lighter than an equivalent sized cast iron frypan. Their ingenious engineering has led to this unique piece of cookware, and one of the best fry pans for gas stoves with non-stick capabilities after seasoning.

The nitride iron material also allows the cooking surface to both heat up and cool down quickly. For those of us who have little time for cooking, this makes the frypan more convenient to use more frequently. And what’s more, this frypan’s tough nitride construction gives it lifetime rust and corrosion resistance making it a great long term investment for your kitchen. Swapping out and buying new frypans becomes a thing of the past with the Yoshikawa Cook-Pal Ren Nitride Iron Frypan.

Get The Best Fry Pans For Gas Stoves Today!

Fry pans are a kitchen essential, and choosing the right one is important. The material and type of non-stick coating are the key things to consider when you choose one for your gas stove. Go with one of our recommendations to make it easy in getting one of the best fry pans for gas stoves. And for more high quality cookware and fry pans, browse our range today!