Essential Meal Prep Tools for Easy Weekly Cooking


Are you one of the 30% of Aussies cooking meals ahead of time? Meal prep has been spruiked by many, from fitness experts to money-saving gurus - because they make it easy for you to eat healthier and save money.

Meal prep is also widely regarded to be very convenient - except for those couple of hours spent on a Sunday making meals for the entire week! Instead of spending hours tediously meal prepping, check out these 4 must-have meal prep tools which will cut down your cooking times and make prep a cinch!

4 Essential Meal Prep Tools


The king of meal prep is the gilded multi-cooker. Anything that can cook more things at once will always be very useful but their convenience shines through the most when meal prepping. Not only do they reduce cooking times but they also reduce the time you spend washing up afterwards.

Multi cookers can come in many forms such as air fryers, which are able to fry up a range of food, from chicken to potatoes. Another overlooked multi cooker is the humble rice cooker. Rice cookers can usually handle more than just rice. Food such as soups and stews are easily cooked in a good rice cooker.

Woks and Large Frypans

The bigger the tool, the more you can cook - and woks and large frypans are masters of this! Woks are high-walled pans which can handle large amounts of rice and noodles without running the risk of spills or uneven cooking.

Large fry pans can also be used for the same purpose, but can come with additional varieties such as the double pan which can cook more quantities in different ways. Both of these essential meal prep tools can significantly cut the time you spend in the kitchen, leaving you more time to enjoy your weekend.

Jars & Containers

Meal prep usually involves buying big quantities of food. Having a lot of jars and containers can make storing the groceries and ingredients you buy a lot easier. But not only that, jars and containers are also great at keeping your cooked meals fresh for days.

Mason jars are perfect for meals such as overnight oats and a good, tightly sealed container can make sure your meals taste just as good on Day 5 than it does on Day 1. When buying these meal prep tools, always try to buy glass over plastic. They’re more sturdy, keeps food fresher and is more easier to clean.

Vacuum Mugs & Flasks

If the majority of your meal prep meals are more liquid-y in nature (think soups, stews and shakes), consider using vacuum mugs! A sturdy vacuum mug will keep your meals fresher and hotter for longer. That means no more cold, coagulated soups for lunch!

Vacuum mugs are made to be super portable as well, so you won’t have to lug around blocky containers of food on your morning commute. When buying a vacuum mug, make sure they’re super insulating and have anti-leak lids.

Simplify meal prep without sacrificing taste and freshness

These 4 meal prep tools will have you well on your way to weeks of healthy, delicious, and super portable meals! To find these products and more high-quality kitchenware, check out Uncle Buffalo today!