Why smart rice cookers are the must have kitchen appliance of 2022

When you think of the most innovative and technological rooms in your house, your mind might race to your living room with a 80 inch OLED Smart TV or your son’s room which features a top-of-the line PC and two gaming consoles. However, you might be surprised to learn that these days, it’s the kitchen that is slowly becoming the most technologically stacked space in your home.

With so many new kitchen appliances popping up every year, it’s hard to determine which ones are absolutely essential to your cooking needs.

There’s many you can consider as absolute must haves, but none of them are more useful or versatile than a smart rice cooker!

A smart rice cooker isn’t just limited to rice. It’s capable of cooking multiple dishes across a range of types and cuisines.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out what sort of foods a smart rice cooker can cook effectively!

4 Foods that a smart rice cooker is perfect for

Breakfast foods

Keep the pans and pots in the cupboard because a smart rice cooker is the best kitchen appliance for breakfast! These unique appliances are incredible when it comes to eggs - whether you want to boil them or whip up a delicious breakfast omelette. They’re also fantastic cookers of porridge or oatmeal, ensuring perfect textures and tastes every single time.

Soups, stews and chilis

Smart rice cookers are the kings of liquid based cooking. We’re talking about soups, stews and chilis of all kinds! Many smart cookers have pre-built settings which will guarantee perfect soups and stews all the time. All you have to do is throw all the ingredients in, your rice cooker will do the rest!


Who would’ve thought that a smart rice cooker would be one of the best kitchen appliances to cook meat in? Their unique set-and-forget and slow cook methods are perfect for chicken and fish, but it doesn’t stop there. Meat such as beef and pork can also be cooked to perfection, especially when cooked in a broth or soup for maximum juiciness and moisture.


The versatility and flexibility of rice cookers are most evident with their ability to make and cook desserts! You might not think rice cookers and desserts go together but a smart rice cooker makes cooking tasty poached fruits and desserts such as tapioca a cinch. They’re also capable of cooking cakes and puddings - a real testament to how smart rice cookers are truly the best kitchen appliance!

What is the best smart rice cooker?

As we’ve discussed, smart rice cookers sit on the top tier of kitchen appliances thanks to their versatility and ability to effectively cook a wide range of foods. 

But which smart rice cooker is best?

The definitive answer is the Acook rice cooker! The Acook is the premier smart rice cooker featuring innovative cooking technology, aesthetic and sturdy design, and reliable functionality. Easy to clean and at a great value-for-money price tag, the Acook should be a must have appliance for your kitchen.

It’s standout feature is BOILSTEAM technology - a unique 2 step cooking process - which maximises flavours, tastes, and textures; practically guaranteeing better cooking and eating! And like we talked about, the Acook isn’t just a pro at cooking rice, but all kinds of food as well - from breakfast meals to sweet desserts.

Make life easier, more interesting, and never eat the same thing two days in a row again. Take home the best kitchen appliance available; experience the power of the Acook smart rice cooker for yourself today!