Apple Cider Pork 蘋果啤酒燜肉

Ingredients: Pork Belly – 600g / Apple Cider 330ml Soy Sauce 50ml / Spring Onions Chilies / Garlic ( 10 Cloves) Ginger ( 5 pcs) / Rice Wine ( 50ml)


1. Use Happycall Double Pan to pan fry pork belly , in low heat for 6 minutes. (Flip the double side pan every 3 minutes)

2. Put into Buffalo IH Smart Cooker. (Skin at the bottom)

3. Pour Apple Cider, soy sauce, spring onions, chilies, garlic, ginger and rice wine into cooker.

4. Choose STEAM function to cook for 30 minutes.

5. Take out the cooked meat, cut into pieces, drizzle with the sauces and it’s ready to serve.

材料: 花腩肉(肥肉瘦肉適中)大約600g 蘋果味啤酒 330ml 生抽 50ml 葱段、辣椒、蒜頭10瓣、姜5片 料理米酒 50 ml


1. 花腩肉用雙面煎鍋中火煎6分鐘(3分鐘翻一次)。

2. 把肉放入牛頭牌萬能鍋(皮向下)。

3. 倒入蘋果西打、生抽、葱段、辣椒、蒜頭、姜及 料理米酒。

4. 選擇蒸煮功能30分鐘。

5. 花腩肉拿起來后切片,再淋上醬汁即可 。

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