Country Bagel (Baked with Omelette) 乡村贝果


Bagel x 3

Eggs x 5

Sliced Red Capsicums x 20 g

Sliced Mushrooms x 20 g

Sliced Bacon x 20 g

Sliced Onion x 20 g

Some Pizza Cheese

Milk x 1 tbsp

Salt and Pepper


1. Put the eggs in a container and whisk in the milk. Add in all other ingredients (Except bagel & Cheese).

2. Cut Bagel into half. Use your fingertips to work around the middle of each bagel half, scooping out the excess bread.

3. Slowly pour egg mixture into each bagel, making sure the egg does not overflow.  

4. Choose Bake function with 160 degrees for 15 minutes.

5. Add cheese on the top of the bagel. 160 degrees for another 2 minutes.


贝果 x 3

鸡蛋 x 5

红椒丁 x 20 g

蘑菇丁 x 20 g

培根切小片 x 20 g

洋葱丁 x 20 g


牛奶 1 汤匙



1. 蛋搅拌均匀,加入牛奶和其他材料(除了贝果和芝士)。

2. 贝果横切,中间挖空准备放内陷。

3. 把馅料小心倒入贝果中空部分。

4. 选择烘培调制160度,设定15分钟。

5. 把芝士铺在贝果上,继续160度2分钟即可。

Air fryer