Braised Minced Pork with Mushroom


5OOg ground pork
6-8 dried mushroom (soaked in water)
3 tbsp fried shallots
1 bowl of cubed fried firm tofu ("dou gan")
2 cloves garlic
400ml chicken broth


Sesame oil to taste
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
½ tbsp rock sugar
White pepper powder to taste


1. Dice mushroom, chop garlic and set aside.
2. Select "Steam" function and adjust timing to 30 minutes.
3. Heat pot, add in diced mushroom and stir fry until mushroom release some water. Remove from pot and set aside.
4. Add sesame oil into inner pot. Heat oil then add mince pork and stir fry until aroma.
5. Add firm tofu cubes and fried shallots to the mince pork and stir fry.
6. Then add soy sauce, oyster sauce, rock sugar and mushroom. Stir well and add chicken broth.
7. Close lid and cook until complete. Add pepper to taste and dish is ready to serve.

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