ACook BOILSTEAM 6 Cups Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

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Introducing ACOOK - A Premium Australian Brand

The new way of cooking every grain to perfection


Discover a new and healthier way of cooking every grain to perfection with ACook’s Rice Cooker. The magic lies within its BOILSTEAM Technology that boils then steams the rice. This 2-step combination process produces even fluffier, chewier, and tastier bowls of rice while retaining most of its nutritional value. With an inclusive Food Grade 304 stainless steel steamer basket, save time and effort by steaming dishes while cooking rice in the inner pot simultaneously. Alternatively, you can steam rice while boiling soup at the same time with this 2-in1 cooking method too! Its multifunctional feature comes in handy with 9 smart cooking programs including a preset function that allows you to completely customise your mealtimes. With a simple push of these buttons, the ACook Rice Cooker simplifies the complicated cooking process by saving you time, convenience, and offering the best possible solution in leading a healthier and balanced lifestyle. 

Main Features

Boilsteam Technology

Click here to learn how to cook BOILSTEAM rice

The ACook Rice Cooker utilizes a two-step BOILSTEAM Technology process that maximizes the flavor and texture of rice.  During the first phase, the cooker boils the rice and steam are generated during the second phase, which completes the cooking process. This 2-in1 cooking process combines boiling and steaming into one that results in even tastier, fluffier, and nutritionally dense bowls of rice.

304 Stainless Steel 

Both the inner pot and steamer basket are made from Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel for: 

  • Enhanced Durability: The 304 Stainless Steel is known for its long-lasting capabilities as it will not chip, bend, or warp under any circumstances. 
  • No chemical coatings
  • Highly Scratch Resistant: Its solid construction results in a highly scratch resistant surface that is resistant to harsh and abrasive scratches from metal utensils. 
  • Retains the Taste & Nutritional Value of Food: With Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel, it will not have any kind of impact on the flavour, texture, and nutritional value of your food. As the inner pot and steamer basket is free from chemical coatings, you can rest assured of any chemical reactions that will make your food taste metallic. 
  • Easy Cleaning & Maintenance: With its smooth, non-porous, and hard surface cleaning is made easier. These stainless steel components are also dishwasher friendly. 
  • Non-toxic and Non-corrosive

9 Smart Cooking Functions with a Preset Function 

  1. BOILSTEAM Rice Function: Use this function for fluffy rice for 35-48 minutes, depending on the amount of rice, water, and ‘TASTE’ function (adjusts the texture of rice). This function can also be used to cook rice and porridge simultaneously!
  2. Advanced BOILSTEAM Rice Function: Select this function for the ultimate rice experience in taste, texture, and consistency. This function differs from the Boilsteam function as rice is soaked and boiled for a slightly longer duration of time. Similarly, this function also supports cooking rice and porridge at the same time. For a more personalised touch, the ‘TASTE’ function allows you to adjust the rice texture and duration of cooking time.
  3. Normal Rice Function
  4. Porridge Function
  5. Soup Function
  6. Stew Function
  7. Cake Function
  8. Steam Function
  9. 24-Hour Preset Function

Certified for Australia and New Zealand 

Brown Rice or Sticky Rice? NO PROBLEM!! 

Other Features

  • Smart Touch Screen
  • Anti-overflow Steam Valve
  • Stainless Steel Inner Lid
  • Dishwasher safe inner pot and steamer basket


Model ARC03A
Product Dimensions D W H: 276  x 240  x 205 mm
Capacity 3L
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Power 500W
Frequency 50HZ / 60HZ
Colour White
Stainless Steel Inner Pot Dimensions 205  x 115 mm
Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Dimensions 196  x 75 mm
Total Weight 4 kg
Country of Origin China



The ACook Rice Cooker comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover mishandling by the user (eg. accidental damage) and commercial use. 

For more information on the terms and conditions or to file for a warranty, click here

How to cook BOILSTEAM rice? What's the water/rice ratio? Click here.

Download User Manual 

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